Financial management system
Pioneers E-school
Pioneers E-school
Financial management system

Financial management system

Pioneers E-School is an integrated cloud-based accounting solution designed for private and international schools.

Financial management system

A financial management system for the school that combines the factors of academic and administrative invoices and fees with a cloud-based accounting system will help you get rid of paper registration and routine work at school, reduce costly errors and transfer all your accounting records into a digital form.

The financial management of the school is a difficult task that can’t have any errors, so to make your financial system free from any errors you should use a special program for managing the financial affairs of your school such as Pioneers E-School system.


Pioneers E-School features for finance management

The financial management system helps you to manage and organize all school accounts, which are divided into several parts:

  1. Accounting directory (Accounting Tree)

The classification of the accounting directory of the school consists of:

Besides, other main accounts and sub-accounts for the school can be worked on.


Through the school accounts tree, you can:


  1. journal entries

Its purpose is to record and know the daily operations that occur at the school, so it enables you to make daily entries and internal adjustments of the school from one account to another one easily.


  1. Notes receivable


  1. Expense permission


  1. Cost management


  1. Notes receivable and notes payable


  1. Fiscal year

You can specify the beginning and end of the school’s fiscal year.


  1. Safe management

Adding names for each safe separately, specify the name of the cashier, add an opening balance for each safe, specify the currency to be added, and link to one school branch or several branches.


  1. Bank management

Adding all the banks you deal with, specify the opening balance of each bank, account number, currency, name of the account holder, and the possibility of linking the bank account to one or several branches of the school.


  1. School account statement


  1. Statement of short-end and detailed entries

Extract all entries of all kinds, whether daily entries, notes payable or receivable during a specified time, also you can know the debit and credit through it, and specify the entry whether it’s a short-end or detailed.


  1. Audit balance


  1. Search receipts

You can search for any receipt, whether it is receivable or payable for a certain period or receipt number, date, and ledger number, with the ability to specify the display of the receipt statement in brief or detail.


  1. Discount settings

It enables you to add a special discount for orphans or children of employees by adding the name of the discount you want and you can set the discount value or percentage.


  1. Opening balances

It enables you to add all the opening balances to all school accounts, in case of creating an account as a safe or bank, you can add an opening balance to it, whether credit or debit.


  1. Monthly account statement

Through it, you can make an account statement for each month of the Year, find out all the financial transactions made in these months, and find out the opening balance for each month.

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So, the financial management of the school requires a strong follow-up and audit of all financial movements that occur in the school and knowledge of all expenses in a detailed and clear manner, and this is what the Pioneers E-School management system provides you with.

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