Learning Management System (LMS)
Pioneers E-school
Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management System (LMS)

Pioneers E-School provides an integrated system for online learning to easily create a smart online classroom environment by integrating with remote meeting software such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WizIQ, and Jitsi.


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Learning management system

The learning management system (LMS) provides a virtual communication environment between the teacher, student, and parent that enables them to easily participate, interact and know all their data and reports.

Pioneers E-School is an online educational platform for private schools and colleges, created by Pioneers Solutions, combining the features of ERP and LMS software in one integrated solution, eliminating the use of separate programs for management and e-learning purposes.

By introducing Pioneers E-School LMS, educational institutions can now allow teachers to deliver customized, media-rich lessons and tests, promote an interactive learning environment that goes beyond classroom boundaries, and provide better operations controls for the supervisor from a single dashboard.


Learning management system


The Pioneers E-School LMS educational platform consists of two sections:


  1. The site of the school

It is a fully dynamic website for the school that allows you to modify and control the form and data of the website, which makes it easier to work on it to serve students, parents, and school staff.

It is therefore the public and primary interface of the school on the Internet. Any visitor who wants to search for and find out the school its services, contact details, and requirements can do that through the website.


The most important features of the school portal:


  1. Learning management system

It is an integrated web–based system used to plan, implement, and evaluate the performance of the educational process at the school. It is used for online learning practices in private and international schools; it connects the pillars of the educational process (teacher-student-parent) and is characterized by ease and speed for the success of the educational process.

The learning management platform consists of three accounts (teacher account – student account – parent account).


Teacher account system

This system was developed to follow the activities of teachers and students at the academic level to ensure the quality of integration between teacher and student.

The teacher's account shows lists that help him to communicate with students and provide them with scientific material, engagement, and interaction with them through the Learning Management system.


Features of the teacher account:


Student account system

It enables the student to know and view all his school data and helps him communicate with the teacher, get the scientific material, participate, and interact with teachers and the school administration.

The goal of the Pioneers E-School LMS system is to complete the educational process in virtual reality so that both the teacher can continue his educational and functional tasks, the student can attend classes, and the parent can follow his children at school.


Features of the student account:


Parent account system

The student's parent must be familiar with assessing the performance of his children inside the school and also be able to easily communicate with the teacher and the school administration, so the Pioneers E-School (LMS) enables the parent to follow his children, find out their educational performance, communicate with teachers and find out all the school fees for each student.


Features of the parent account:


Integrated learning management system (Pioneers E-School LMS)


Integrated learning management system (Pioneers E-School LMS)


The learning management system has become an integral part of any educational activity; from instructors/teachers to a large school or university campus, everyone is looking for the application of the modern LMS to keep abreast of technological development in education.

The Pioneers E-School school management system has a modern LMS mobile app that is designed for private and international schools and takes into account the need for simplicity and unique mobile experience to obtain outstanding educational performance for all parties in the educational process to bring an advanced level of teaching and learning experience.


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