School Management System (SMS)
Pioneers E-school
School Management System (SMS)

School Management System (SMS)

School Management System (SMS)

Pioneers E-school (SMS) is an integrated management system with all the tools needed to manage private schools, students, teachers, educational curricula, tests, homework, expenses, and revenues.

The school management system is based on competence and experience in school management, including more than 13 years of work experience in the field of education software. The system was designed in collaboration with thousands of education professionals, teachers, and administrative staff to provide the best technologies.


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The best school management system you can rely on

Pioneers E-School is an ERP school management system that is very reliable, intuitive, and easy to use. It helps meet all your needs in school management, college, university, and any other educational institution by eliminating tedious manual processes.

The system contains many reports that clarify and facilitate the process of school administration in terms of completing hard tasks in a short time with very high efficiency.


Features of Pioneers E-School (SMS)

Pioneers E-School is a complete and privileged school management system for all educational institutions. This school management software is dedicated to learning, managing, and organizing activities in schools, colleges, and universities. Our school management system manages everything from admission to attendance and exams to obtaining cards and certificates.


 School Management System (SMS)


Here are the most important features of the school's administrative system:



How the Pioneers E-School SMS helps with school management

Pioneers E-School is a school management system that provides all the basic features required for effective school management around the world. Thanks to Pioneers E-School, you can easily implement a modern system that can provide you with all the SMS and LMS features that you may need.


  1. Administrative list

It is the main menu to adjust the initial system settings and configure the system to work without any problems in the future, and through which you can do:


  1. Student Affairs Department

This list helps you fully control the management of student data from the beginning of registration at the school until graduation and receipt of certificates, and its most important features are:


  1. Student account management

Through it, you can structure all things related to student accounts, manage fees, and prepare installments. Some of its most important features include:


  1. General Accounts Management

Our school management software provides an effective and improved financial management system that will reduce dependence on other sources to manage financial affairs and expenses in your institution, so it is considered one of the most important sections of the system that enables you to structure all lists and accounting items for the school, such as:


  1. Human Resources Management

Dealing with the human resources department thoroughly is one of the most important functions of each school. With Pioneers E-School SMS, organizations can easily manage all processes related to human resources without wasting a lot of time and effort on daily tasks such as calculating employee attendance, vacation management, payroll assignment, and creating payment vouchers.

One of the most important features of the human resource management module within the school is:


  1. School control management

Through this list, you can do all the control work easily and efficiently, such as:


  1. school class schedule

The Pioneers E-School schedule management system helps schools of various sizes schedule and manage classes smoothly and quickly with one click. The administrator can assign a substitute teacher to the class in case of the absence of the teacher, and the schedule management system enhances a paperless school and turns it into an electronic system.

Through this list, you can organize and create the study schedule for teachers and students. It helps:


  1. Bus management

It enables you to enhance student safety, track vehicle status, and collect transportation fees.

Student safety is the top priority of educational institutions, and through the school bus transportation management module, it easily enables school staff to manage bus routes, add stops and student subscriptions for the bus, enable employees to keep vehicle records, easily track transportation expenses, and simplify the process of collecting bus subscription fees.


all-in-one integrated school management system


all-in-one integrated school management system

Managing any educational institution is not an easy thing; managing students, staff, schedules, exams, class testing, attendance, fee collection, calculations, etc., does not end here.

Parents are always worried about the performance of their children and need satisfaction. They care about their children's academic statistics. Moreover, we have seen schools use huge registers to celebrate the attendance of their students and staff.

We have also seen that schools manage their admissions, tests, and class data manually. We know that it takes a lot of time and is very difficult to manage.

That is why we introduced Pioneers E-School. It offers an integrated online school management system to facilitate traditional tasks. This is the one-stop solution to manage, track, and record everything within your school or organization.

The school management system includes the admin panel, staff, students, test module, attendance module, fee collection module, salary and expense management, class test management, inventory management, student and staff data recording system, and much more.

It is easy to use and manage because Pioneers E-School is an integrated online school management software for end users.


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