Usage Agreement

Usage Agreement

Pioneers for integrated training systems & programming solutions "Pioneers Solutions", with full ownership rights over the Pioneers E-School school management system.


Pioneers Solutions' Obligations and rights

Pioneers Solutions (first party) is committed to:

  • Delivery and installation of the licensed software-program- at the agreed date and place.
  • To ensure the other party a personal license, to use the licensed software and related materials.
  • Provide the other party with upgrades and updates and modifications to the licensed software that include correcting the errors that appeared in the program called Patches.
  • Provide the second party with information regarding Upgrades and their prices if found.
  • Train a number of other-party employees on how to use the entire system.
  • Providing the other party with scientific materials such as program's video explanations.
  • Pioneers Solutions(acknowledges ) admit that the Pioneers E-School school system is exclusively owned and has all property rights, and admit that there are no claims or disputes about program licensed ownership by any party at the time of signing this agreement.
  • Pioneers Solutions also guarantees that the system is not contaminated with any known viruses at the time of delivery, and does not contain any programs inside that would neutralize them, hinder their work, or cause them to stop working under certain circumstances.
  • Pioneers Solutions' responsibility, resulting from the aforementioned warranty, is limited to providing services related to the repair of defects and errors in the licensed system, at no additional cost to the other party, within a reasonable period of time and means the word defects or error in this regard only any significant difference from the technical specifications established for the system
  • Confidentiality of information: The other party undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the information contained in the licensed system and its documents, which may reach its knowledge by any way.


Other party's obligations and rights

Other party (beneficiaries with service) is committed to

  • The license fee due in accordance with this agreement is the net worth of Pioneers Solutions, and the contract value may not be negotiated after the signing of this contract.
  • The license fee due to Pioneers Solutions will take effect from the date of the contract.
  • In the event that the program users' number exceeds the agreed number, the other party is obliged to pay an additional license fee according to the amounts received.
  • The other party may, in advance of a prior agreement with Pioneers Solutions, use the licensed system with alternative devices if the licensed device has permanently stopped using licensed devices program, in which case the replacement devices replace the old devices for the purposes of this agreement.
  • During the entry into force of this agreement, the second party is prohibited from following:
    • Make copies of the licensed software other than what is stipulated in this agreement or in the relevant legislation.
    • Allow third parties to use or use the licensed software and related materials on its behalf, or to use it for the benefit of any third party in any form
    • Modify, configure or translate the licensed software.
    • Dismantling or re-engineering the licensed software.
  • The other party undertakes not to use the licensed software in a country other than the contract country, without a written consent of Pioneers Solutions.
  • The other party undertakes to inform the first party immediately as soon as it is aware of any unauthorized use of the program or any part of it by any party.
  • The other party undertakes to allow Pioneers Solutions to conduct an agreed audit to ensure that the system is used as authorized.
  • The other party undertakes to take strict control measures to protect the program to ensure that it is not used by unauthorized persons, as well as ensuring that unauthorized access is not accessible to it.
  • The other party may not sub-authorize or license the third party to replace this agreement in whole or in part.


Shared obligations and rights between the two parties:

  • The two parties admit that computer programs, including the licensed Pioneers E-School program of products that are not free of errors or defects that usually appear during operation, and are vulnerable to viruses, so the appearance of errors or malfunctions in the licensed program will not be considered contrary to this agreement, and both parties agreed that continuous monitoring of the licensed program to make sure that it is free of errors or viruses is the responsibility of the first party.
  • Either party may terminate this agreement by giving the other party a written warning if either of them violates any of its basic obligations under this agreement, and within 30 days of receiving a written notification of the breach if it can be repaired.
  • Pioneers Solutions may terminate the agreement if the other party defaults on the license fee due for more than the specified period.
  • Once this agreement is terminated, the other party should immediately stop using Pioneers E-School and return to Pioneers Solutions the software, related materials and all copies or destroy any copies or erase the software from the media stored on it when requested.
  • Technical support is available from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily except Friday and official holidays and technical support team makes a daily call on the other party and for a week of purchase to check on program progress and after the end of the week the company makes contact every 15 days as the technical support is often done through the Internet unless otherwise, and the company is committed to provide all the other party needs inquiries and solutions to their program problems throughout the day.
  • Technical support costs: Technical support provided by the company is completely free but the other party must renew the subscription fee annually considering that the first year is completely free.


Terms and conditions for programming and design services:

  • The client is obliged to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of the software that is installed for him by Pioneers Solutions and not to disclose, distribute or provide all or part of it unless there is a written permit to him by the company.
  • The client is obliged not to remove the logo or sentence of rights for programs or designs that are placed at the bottom of the program or design, and if removed it, it will therefore exit the service agreement, including in some cases development and renewal or obtain agreed features, and in the case of requesting the removal of rights is calculated 25% of the value of the entire project.
  • In case the client submitted a request for programming, design or other services and wanted to cancel the request for any reason after the amount was transferred, the customer is entitled to request a refund (half) of the amount paid only and not the full amount in a maximum period of 48 hours of transfer of the amount and the validity of the contract.


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Updated date: 21/11/2022