School Clinic Management
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School Clinic Management

School Clinic Management

The clinics system aims to provide comprehensive management of students' health status, monitor their visits to the doctor, and create a complete medical file for each student in the school through the integrated school management system, Pioneers E-School.

School Clinic Management

School health service employees can assist all students with preventative care such as flu vaccinations and hearing and vision tests, as well as provide care for acute and emergency cases. Qualified specialists such as school nurses, practicing nurses, dentists, health educators, doctors, physician assistants, and allied health professionals provide these services.

For students with chronic health conditions, school nurses and other healthcare providers play a major role in their daily management. School health service employees are also responsible for coordinating care by communicating with the student's family and healthcare providers so that they can remain healthy and ready to learn.

Undoubtedly, the school medical clinic is one of the important elements that the school administration should pay attention to. To help organize the work of the school clinic, the school must have an administrative system that helps it do so, and this is what the Pioneers E-School system provides through a complete module for managing school clinics.


The most important features of the School Clinic Management module in the Pioneers E-School system

The system includes many important and essential tools that facilitate the management of the school clinic, including:


  1. Medical examinations report

Through it, you can display, print, and export a report that includes students' names, clinics, the doctor's name and treatment, examination dates, and notes on each student.


  1. Medicines

You can register all medicines and doses specific to each medication, along with any notes about the medication.


  1. Clinics

You can register more than one clinic on the system by specifying the clinic name and adding notes to it.


  1. Doctors

You can register all doctors in school clinics by selecting the medical specialization, clinic, doctor's name, phone number, address, and notes on each doctor.


  1. Specializations

You can register all medical specialties in the clinic, such as cardiology, internal medicine, paediatrics, etc.


  1. Diagnosis

You can register all diagnoses that the student may suffer from.


  1. Adding an examination

You can add an examination for a specific student by selecting the clinic, student, branch, educational stage, class, section, and period. You can also access the student's health file, register their treatment, and take notes on their examination.


  1. student's medical file

You can create a complete medical file for each student in the school by specifying their diagnoses, in addition to the medical file containing:

Therefore, the optimal solution for organizing medical clinic work in the school is to use the Pioneers E-School program.

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