School application on smartphones
Pioneers E-school
Pioneers E-school
School application on smartphones

School application on smartphones

The school application on smart phones: its benefits and importance in improving education, communication between teachers, students and parents, class schedules and study materials, uploading assignments and tests, tracking results, enhancing interaction and cooperation, a successful educational experience.

School application on smartphones

The online application in the Pioneers E-school system helps bring all educational parties closer to the student, the guardian, the teacher and the rapid communication through mobile.


School application helps teachers:

  1. Raising the class schedule for school days.
  2. Upload photos of the school schedule on the mobile Applequin.
  3. Helps to communicate between students and teachers through conversations, send queries and respond to them.
  4. A teacher can make conversations with a group of students or individual conversations.
  5. Through Mobile Applequin, teachers can view the latest news through the homepage, the latest news on education, the Egyptian Knowledge Bank, and the latest events related to education.
  6. Teachers can upload the subjects they teach, upload students' attachments and add homework.
  7. Teachers can create and send online tests to students to solve.
  8. Add a Zaki chapter.
  9. Add preparations and upload recorded videos.
  10. Know the weekly plans and quota schedule.
  11. Credit students' monthly results.


The school can be applied to the student from:

  1. Communicate with the teacher and his colleagues in the educational process.
  2. Stay tuned for the latest educational news and events occurring in the school.
  3. Follow-up on school duties.
  4. View the quota schedule and see the weekly study plan.
  5. Constantly communicate with the teacher by sending inquiries and answering them.
  6. Review of homework, exams and exam results.
  7. View photos, videos and attachments sent to him by the teacher.
  8. Enter smart classes.
  9. There is a store for social media platforms with videos, photos and documents.
  10. The possibility of partial conversations with the teacher.


The school's application helps:

  1. Identify their children's quota schedule as well as exam dates.
  2. Communicate with the school and teachers to learn about their children's level.
  3. Follow up the instalments and their dates, and can make printing to claim the instalment.
  4. Recognize students' scores in exams.
  5. Know the duties, exams, attachments, photos and videos.
  6. Knowledge of weekly plans and curriculum distribution plan.
  7. Follow up on the children's assessments in the subjects and monthly results and the children's account at the school.


At the conclusion of our article on the application of the school to smartphones, it can be said that this electronic application represents a qualitative shift in the field of education, offering many advantages and benefits to different parties in the education process. Effective communication between students, teachers and parents is crucial to achieving a perfect and successful learning experience.


Through the application of the school, teachers are allowed to raise study subjects, tasks and tests, communicate directly with students and answer their queries, thereby enhancing their interaction and effective participation in the educational process. In addition, students can view class schedules, weekly plans and study subjects, follow up on duties and tests and their results, and communicate continuously with teachers to ask questions and receive feedback.

The guardian can see their children's academic progress, communicate with the school and teachers easily, know important dates such as quota schedules and tests, follow up on financial instalments and evaluations of children and their results.


In short, applying the school to smartphones is a modern and effective tool that contributes to improving the quality of education and enhancing communication and interaction between all parties in the school's educational process. It gives students and parents an opportunity to learn about the necessary information and participate effectively in the educational process, thereby contributing to their academic achievement and personal development.


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