Student Data Registration Management System
Pioneers E-school
Pioneers E-school
Student Data Registration Management System

Student Data Registration Management System

With the increasing number of student registration every year and the amount of collected data, you should have an integrated system that supports you in storing, managing, and retrieving the student registration information you need.

Student Data Registration Management System

Adding student data to the school is an important process that all schools need and is conducted with the opening of school submissions for each new academic year, In order for this process to take place successfully, the school needs a large amount of information about the student and the parent, in addition to registering and entering this information for each new student at the school, it is a process that requires a lot of time and effort to work on managing the registration of student data.


Pioneers E-school is a cloud-based solution for all your administrative requirements, it is an integrated system for managing student registration data, and it is a secure and customizable system for managing your entire school, Enables school administrators, staff, parents, and students to access all the school information they need in one place, wherever they are in the world, find out why more than 100 schools trust the Pioneers E-school system to manage and protect their core data, support faculty, and students.


Our student registration data management system is an easily customizable module with a variety of features to help you manage your students simply and effectively, from identity documents and medical records to their family info and contact details.، In addition to the secure storage of this information, it is also easy to retrieve it when needed, using a powerful search form to find students by key fields and built-in comprehensive audit capabilities.


Top Features of Student Data Registration Management System 

The Pioneers E-school system is a comprehensive system for managing the registration of student data at the school based on speed and completion of administrative tasks, the system includes:


  1. Father's Data 


  1. Mother's Data


  1. Additional Data

Through this, we determine the response of the student either the father or the mother, or someone else by registering (basic data, personal data, secondary data, and other General Data)


  1. Adding a student

After registering all the information about parents, now is the time to register all the data refer to the student, such as: 


You can easily add any other custom fields to the student's data through the system settings.


  1. Student Data Display List

Through this list, all the data that has been recorded on the student appears, and this screen enables the user to: 


Now, after registering all these data, the student has been successfully enrolled in the school.


Distribution of students to classes

The stage of distributing the student to a specific stage and including his name in the list of this class can be through the section of adding student data and distributing it directly to the classroom, or through the student distribution section provided by the Pioneers E-school system, the student distribution list helps the user to search for students enrolled in the school by specifying:


The program then shows all the data of the students who are in the selected stages and the user can then select one or several students and include them in the class he wants.

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For more details about the Pioneers E-school system and demo request please contact us.


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