Student Account Management System
Pioneers E-school
Pioneers E-school
Student Account Management System

Student Account Management System

Effective and digital management of student fees and accounts is a necessity for every educational institution, any malfunction in student accounts can cause many problems, and every educational institution needs a strong and effective system to manage student fees within the school.

Student Account Management System

A fee management system and student accounts help manage and organize fee processes simply. It helps employees track real-time to collect all charges. 

Pioneers E-School Management System helps simplify fee collection, automate transactions, and provide in-depth financial reporting. Create and set up the school fee structure, create customized reports, deliver fees, and send alerts and messages to parents regarding their children's status fees. 

We provide you with a more secure system for managing all payments and automating student fee calculations and minimizing problems and errors during accounting transactions. 


An integrated solution to manage student fees

Pioneers E-School is an accounting system that helps manage student accounts, which includes: adding class fees, adding student debts, setting discounts, organizing tuition fees, and knowing all financial reports on student accounts and fees. 


Features of student account management module:

  1. Fee Terms


  1. Cumulative optional expenses

Through the aggregated list of optional expenses, you can add optional debts to more than one student. 


  1. Class fees

Through it, you can determine the installments for expenses, books, school uniforms, other activities, and divide them by a certain due date, specifying a value for each of them, such as:


  1. Pay school fees

Through it, you can choose a payment order for the student by selecting the branch name, student's name, and academic year, or you can search in the name of the parent and then easily pay for the student's fees. 

The student fee screen also enables you to:


  1. Adding Student indebtedness

This list helps you to make mandatory debt additions for students: 

Then one or several students are chosen and debts are added. 


  1. Combined Student Accounts Report

Through it, you can see a combined report for the student account and other data (Student Name, National number, Student payments, Discount value, remaining on Student, and recovered Part)

You can also see: 


  1. Bank and Storage Report for students

Through it, you can create a comprehensive report of all student bank and storage transactions and see (paid part - recovered part - transaction history - username - total net payment). 


  1. Student registration fees

This list contains two menus (fee Settings and pay Fees): 


  1. Discount settings

Through it, you can also add discounts to brothers and employees' children, as well as other discounts such as orphans or any other discounts. 


  1. Download discounts

Through it, you can choose a parent, and download a discount for any of his children, and there is a report on student discounts. 


  1. Mandatory student debt deletion 

Deleting mandatory student debts through specify the school year, branch, stage, and section. 


  1. Return the report

A report in which a value can be retrieved for a student with a specific date. 


  1. Student payments summary

This report describes student payments by the level of education and can see which students did not pay. 


  1. A statement of total tuition fees

This includes the educational stage, the number of students in the class, the total fee before discount, the total discount, the total fee after discount, the paid, and the remaining. 


  1. Unpaid expense reports to parents

This report helps you view a report of unpaid expenses for parents and includes the report (parent’s name, Total children's expenses, discount, and remaining. 

Also, you can add a report for each student including discount, department, paid, total expense, and remaining) with the ability to print the report. 


  1. A combined discount for students 

Through it, you can make a group discount for students by selecting the school year, the branch, the class, the section, and the category name. 


  1. Add a combined debt 

Through it, you can identify more than one applicant and debts added with the name of the additional fees item (indebtedness - determine the value of these charges). 

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You can learn more about the student account system, and school fee management, and request a free demo by contacting us.


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