SMS Integration System
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SMS Integration System

SMS Integration System

Send instant alerts and enhance communication and reduce workload through SMS integration system between the pillars of the educational process (teacher-student - parent - school administration)

SMS Integration System

Bridging the communication gap between parents, teachers, students, and other staff through SMS integration in school ERP. Using this list, the school can send emergency alerts to parents, update upcoming events, inform them of outstanding fees, update them on the availability of transportation, and more.

one of the most important things that schools are interested in is their progress towards development to maintain constant communication between the teacher, parent, students, and school administrators.


SMS System

One of the ideal solutions was the use of an SMS system by schools, which is the fastest way to communicate. You can create this service by following the following steps: -

  1. Subscribe to the service provider and select the package
  2. Get username and password
  3. Get a Link from the service provider


This data is then entered into the Pioneers E-School program, which contains several lists responsible for its texting service, including: -


  1. List of short message settings:

Through which you can identify:


  1. List of message templates:

You can add a new template for messages such as:

You can also delete or edit previously created template


  1. SMS Message Sending List:

You can send an SMS to:


How can the SMS feature in the Pioneers E-School system benefit school performance?


  1. Status of charges pending

Parents often miss important deadlines to pay school fees and other necessary fees. However, the school's SMS unit can alleviate this challenge by scheduling manual or automatic reminders for parents of the various fees to pay and their deadlines. These manual and automatic reminders are set to be sent either before or after the deadline so that parents can pay the fee promptly.


  1. Reminder of absent student

Schools and parents face great concern when students are absent from school, especially if periods are long or if there are frequent patterns of absenteeism. However, the school ERP system provides a solution to this problem by sending a manual or automatic reminder via SMS to parents in case of student absence. This ensures that parents are aware that their child did not attend school on a specific day and can take action.


  1. Next Event Reminder

Parents face a major challenge in tracking important events in the school calendar, such as cultural shows, special days, and celebrations. But with the Pioneers E-School ERP program, teachers can send automatic reminders to all parents with just one button click, helping to save time and effort for teachers and parents. This means that teachers will not have to send handwritten reminders to each parent, instead, reminders will be sent automatically, which means teachers can focus on teaching students rather than tracking events in the school calendar.


  1. Emergency Holiday Update

Sometimes the government announces emergency leave during the school year, and it can be for various reasons such as weather conditions or social and political events. In such cases, the Pioneers E-School system can help send urgent messages to all parents about the emergency holiday update.

The main benefit of using the Pioneers E-School system, in this case, is that mass updates can be sent easily, as the school can send SMS updates at the click of a button without any hassle.


  1. Notification of Student's Progress

True, constant communication between teachers and parents plays a crucial role in improving students' performance in schools, but coordination between the two sides can sometimes be difficult. Using the Pioneers E-School program, teachers can automatically send student academic performance updates via SMS, saving parents time and effort. Consequently, parents can continuously follow their children's performance and take the necessary measures to improve their performance on time.


  1. Upcoming exams

Sure, automatic SMS notifications that Pioneers E-School sends to parents can remind them of exam schedules and any other updates on school appointments. Thus, parents can better prepare to help their children prepare for exams and study for them, and can better organize their schedules based on this information.


7. Declaration of result

Certainly, sending exam results and tests via SMS from the Pioneers E-School ERP program is effective and convenient for parents and students alike. It saves a lot of time and effort for everyone, plus it ensures that results are received quickly and orderly.

It also serves as a direct incentive for school students to study more seriously and improve their performance when they know that school results will be sent directly to parents. For parents, this SMS module provides them with the trouble of constantly checking with schools the dates of advertising results.


8. School Bus Timing Change Alert

Using the SMS module by the Pioneers E-School ERP program is a quick and effective way for school transport teams to send reminders to parents regarding any change in the timing of the school bus, roads, breakdowns, or any other background information.

Thus, instead of waiting at the bus stop for many anxiety-ridden moments, the SMS can alert them to give them peace of mind and help them schedule their receipt and delivery accordingly.


9. Latest news update

The Pioneers E-School program is a great communication tool to keep parents, school staff, and even students informed of the latest news about the school and keep everyone informed and updated faster and more efficiently.


10. Password Update Reminder

The SMS module by the Pioneers E-School ERP program is a great way for schools to also remind parents of the regular administrative tasks to do in the Pioneers E-School ERP program. This can range from adding updates to updating passwords.

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