Human Resources Management System (HRMS)
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Human Resources Management System (HRMS)

Human Resources Management System (HRMS)

An integrated and scalable HR module enables you to get rid of the paper system in Personnel Management and switch to school management systems, to help HR staff and teachers alike focus on managing daily tasks.

Human Resources Management System (HRMS)

Human Resources Management revolves around the tasks of monitoring and maintaining a database of all employees through the preparation of organizational policies and the use of appropriate technology, enabling you to effectively manage the human resources system using the Pioneers E-School program.

The success of any organization depends on its human resources and good management, especially in educational institutions such as schools, because the human element in these institutions is considered the main element in which investment is made, so the best solution for managing human resources in an easy and innovative way is to use a powerful administrative program such as the Pioneers E-School system, which will provide you with easy management to structure the different working systems in your school.

The human resources module of the Pioneers E-School system is designed to automate time-consuming manual and repetitive administrative tasks of Personnel Affairs, give HR employees improved insights, and a fully branded and customizable self-service dashboard for employees.


General settings for human resources management at school


  1. Employee profiles

It is a set of employee profiles through which you can choose the necessary data when adding an employee to the system to speed up data entry, such as:


  1. Personnel Affairs Settings

Through it, you can determine:


  1. Insurance and tax settings

Percentage of insurance exemption from wages:


The value of the tax exemption deduction:

The slide number in and out (annual numbers) and the determination of the value or ratio of tax and deduction.


  1. Business systems

Through this feature, you can define the work system and staff regulations for several different segments of employees, including:


  1. Attendance and fingerprint devices

Through it, you can connect the branches of the school to the fingerprint device of the ZK type.


  1. Types of permissions

You can structure and add all types of permissions by specifying the name, date, and number of permission minutes.


  1. Types of vacations

You can add all types of holidays, whether regular -or casual, by specifying the name, date, number of vacation days, and determining whether the deduction from the salary will be made or not.


  1. Types of allowances

You can structure and add all kinds of allowances such as attendance allowance, housing allowance, meal allowance, by specifying the name, date, value or percentage, and whether it is subject to VAT or not.


  1. Types of deductions

Add all kinds of deductions that can be deducted from the salary of employees.



  1. Public holidays

You can structure and add all public holidays, specify the name and the date of the holiday.


Settings for school staff


  1. Rules of deductions

These are delays and absence rules. You can add all the rules that you want to apply to employees by specifying the name and type of rule, specifying the work schedule, timing, the number of minutes allowed, and days for delays and absences.

  1. Extra time rules

Enables you to set and structure overtime rules for employees, whether minute by minute, minute by value, or minute by hour.

  1. Rewards rules

Through it, all types of bonuses are structured and added to employees such as commitment bonus - the ideal worker's bonus by specifying the name of the bonus and determining the type and value of the bonus, whether by percentage or value.

  1. Sanction rules

You can add various sanctions rules for employee violations, such as forgetting the fingerprint of attendance and absences, specifying its name, the reason for the penalty, and its type, whether value or percentage.


Payroll management


  1. Employee bonus

It enables you to add a bonus to an employee, identify their department, job title, and make a report with the names of employees receiving a bonus from time to time.

  1. Staff authorization

It enables you to add permission to an employee and make a report with employee permissions, the status of each permission, whether it is rejected or approved, the date and type of permission.

  1. Extra time for employees

You can add extra time for an employee, extract a report for employees who received extra time, determine his status, whether approved or rejected, date, and type of rule for which the extra time belongs.

  1. Advances

It enables you to add an advance for an employee and extract a report of all employees who received an advance on a certain date, the status of the advance approved or rejected, and the value of the advance.

  1. Staff allowances

You can add allowances for employees by specifying the department, job title, status of the allowance (new, approved, or rejected), the type of allowance (whether fixed or variable), and extract a report with the names and allowances of the employees.

  1. Employee discounts

It enables you to add and define employee deductions such as delays, forgetting the fingerprint, absences, and extracting a report on them.

  1. Employee sanctions

Through it, sanctions for employees are added and reports are extracted on behalf of the employee, the penalty, the amount due, and the status of the penalty, whether approved or rejected.

  1. Employee deductions

Deductions are added to the salaries of the employees, whether they are aid deductions, value deductions, or a percentage.

  1. Unapproved salaries

It shows you all salaries or bonuses that have not been approved and that will appear in the salary vocabulary, and also enables you to approve salaries for all employees or for one employee.

  1. Salary vocabulary

It enables you to extract the salary vocabulary for a specific employee in a specific month with the total of his dues, the total of his deductions, and the total after deductions.


Vacation management


  1. Vacation balance

It helps you search and find out the vacation balance of employees, and also enables you to add and calculate the vacation balance of one or more employees.

  1. Leave request

You can request leave for an employee by searching by name, choosing the type of leave, the date of the request, the status of the request (new, rejected, or approved), the number of days of leave, and the date of leave.


Personnel data management


  1. Add an employee

You can add and modify an employee's data and work a suspension as well by identifying:


  1. Employee attendance and departure

By connecting the fingerprint device, you can extract a report on the attendance of employees, in addition to the possibility of proving the attendance and departure of an employee manually or through preparation from Chet excel.

  1. Employee's command

Enables you to add a staff member by identifying the staff member's name, date, application status, and time of command.

  1. Employee data

You can view or edit any employee statement.

  1. Designing a report for employees

You may design custom reports for employee data, print them and export them to an excel sheet.

  1. Advanced Search

A screen with search filters that enable you to search for employees in a specific branch and print or export an excel file with employee names.

  1. Adding a manual employee

Help you add all the employee data from the excel sheet.

  1. Employee movement report

Through it, you can find out the employee's record and movements of permissions, vacations, sanctions, and bonuses with the possibility of printing the report.

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Therefore, the best solution for better human resource management is the Pioneers E-School system.

To find out more details about the system, you can now send your data or contact us.


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