school principal's most essential daily and weekly tasks
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school principal's most essential daily and weekly tasks

school principal's most essential daily and weekly tasks

The principal plays a critical role in ensuring that the educational process runs smoothly and that academic and administrative goals are met.

school principal's most essential daily and weekly tasks

The school principal is the backbone of the educational and administrative process within the educational institution. This job requires many tasks and responsibilities that must be performed daily and weekly to ensure the educational process runs smoothly and academic and administrative goals are achieved. From managing daily operations and organizing school activities to monitoring the performance of teachers and students, a school principal plays a pivotal role in creating a productive and effective learning environment. In this article, we will review the most important daily and weekly tasks carried out by the school principal, which are indispensable for ensuring the success of the educational institution and achieving its vision and goals.


Daily tasks of the school principal

1- Oversight of the educational process

The school principal monitors the educational and administrative process daily to ensure its effective operation. Follows up on the daily schedule and ensures that teachers are committed to delivering lessons according to established plans.

2- Review attendance and absence

The director is keen to review classroom statistics related to absence and attendance. This helps in identifying behavioral or academic problems in students.

3- Orienting teachers and staff

The director supervises the guidance and leadership of teachers and the work team in their various specializations, to provide the necessary support and to solve the problems they may face.

4- Ensure safety factors

The principal ensures daily that classrooms and school facilities are safe, ensuring that the educational environment is safe for all students.

5- Communication with parents

The director is keen to constantly communicate with parents to listen to their complaints and suggestions, which strengthens the partnership between the school and the community.

6- Monitoring order and cleanliness

The director monitors the level of cleanliness and order in the school, and supervises the readiness of educational tools to ensure the provision of an appropriate learning environment.

7- Review security logs

He makes sure to review the security book to ensure that all visitors are accurately registered, signed, and visit dates are set.


Weekly tasks of the school principal

1- Evaluating teachers' performance

The principal evaluates teachers' performance periodically, to ensure the quality of education provided, and to identify professional development opportunities.

2- Setting educational goals

The principal sets the school's learning objectives for the week and shares these objectives with staff to ensure they are met.

3- Strengthening the cultural role

The director is interested in promoting cultural and awareness activities within the school, to support students’ intellectual and social development.

4- Regular meetings

The principal holds periodic meetings with teachers and parents to promote cooperation between the school and the community, and to discuss important educational issues.

5- Ensure safety equipment is in place

The manager ensures that fire extinguishers are in their correct places, and performs regular maintenance on them to ensure everyone's safety.

6- Preparing for official visits

The principal prepares to receive inspectors and VIP visitors, and ensures that the school is in its best condition.


General duties of a school principal

Recruitment and supervision

The director supervises the recruitment of teachers, specialists, and workers in accordance with the school plan, and distributes tasks to ensure compatibility between the skills of individuals and the needs of the school.

Strategic Planning

The director works to develop short- and long-term plans to ensure the improvement of the educational process in line with the state’s vision.

Resource Management

The director monitors the distribution of educational media, such as books and school supplies, to ensure that all students receive their needs.

Systems application

The principal supervises the implementation of laws and regulations within the school, and imposes penalties on violators to deter negative behaviors.


Personal traits of a successful school principal

Leadership and ability to communicate

The successful principal is distinguished by distinguished leadership abilities, which enable him to effectively direct the work team and achieve good communication with teachers, students, and parents.

Analytical thinking

The manager has the ability to analyze and deduce, which helps him make decisions based on accurate data and reliable information.

Flexibility and quick wit

The manager must be flexible in dealing with daily problems, and able to make appropriate decisions at critical times.


The role of the school principal in developing the educational environment

Encouraging cooperation

The director works to create an atmosphere of cooperation among all members of the school community, which enhances the quality of the educational process.

Activating educational councils

The director encourages the holding of periodic meetings of educational councils to discuss challenges and search for innovative solutions.

Facilities development

The principal always strives to improve the school's facilities, to provide an appropriate educational environment that supports creativity and learning.


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The most important responsibilities of the school principal

1- Preparing the school schedule and distributing it to the staff

Preparing the school schedule is one of the main daily tasks of the school principal, as he determines the dates of classes and distributes them to teachers in a way that ensures that the educational process runs smoothly and efficiently.


2- Distributing students to classrooms

The principal distributes students to classrooms fairly, taking into account the balance of numbers in each class to ensure a suitable learning environment for all students.


3- Distributing work to school workers and employees

The principal supervises the distribution of work and tasks to school workers, ensuring that the daily work runs efficiently and that teachers and students have everything they need.


4- Supervising the work of teachers in the classroom

The principal follows up on the performance of teachers in classrooms, supervises the implementation of educational plans and verifies the achievement of specific educational goals.


5- Meeting with parents

The principal communicates on a daily basis with parents to listen to their complaints and suggestions, and works to solve the issues facing students in cooperation with their families.


6- Supervising school activities (cultural, sports, and social)

The principal supervises the organization of various types of school activities, which enhances the development of students' skills and contributes to building their personalities in an integrated manner.


7- Monitoring absences of teachers and students

The principal follows up on the daily absences of teachers and students, and takes the necessary measures to ensure everyone's attendance and commitment to school attendance.


8- Submitting reports to the educational administration

The principal prepares daily reports on the progress of the educational and administrative process in the school, and submits them to the educational administration to follow up performance and take appropriate decisions.


9- Ordering the necessary tools and equipment for the school

The principal makes sure that all tools and equipment necessary for the educational process are available, and requests them from the competent authorities when needed.


10- Bringing textbooks and scientific tools

The principal is keen to provide the necessary textbooks and scientific tools for students at the beginning of each academic year, and makes sure that they are distributed appropriately.


11- Discipline students according to the disciplinary regulations

The principal is responsible for disciplining students according to the approved disciplinary regulations, to ensure that order and discipline are maintained within the school.


12- Implementing all laws and regulations issued by the Ministry of Education

The principal works to implement all laws and regulations issued by the Ministry of Education, and ensures that they are adhered to by all staff and students in the school.


a summary

The role of the headteacher is essential to ensuring that the school's educational objectives are achieved. By following up on daily and weekly tasks, and working to develop the educational environment, the principal is able to create a stimulating environment for students and teachers, which contributes to improving the level of education and enhancing the success of the school as a whole.



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