Top 5 School Management Problems and Solutions
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Top 5 School Management Problems and Solutions

Top 5 School Management Problems and Solutions

Schools face many challenges in management, such as lack of qualified staff and poor infrastructure. In this article, we review these issues and discuss modern solutions that include the use of technology, increased funding, and enhanced communication between the school and parents.

Top 5 School Management Problems and Solutions

School management is considered one of the most important elements of the success of the educational process, as it greatly affects the quality of education and the level of academic achievement of students. With the development of the times and the changing requirements of society, many problems have emerged facing School management, we review these problems and discuss the most important modern methods for treating them.


Problems facing school management

1. Lack of qualified personnel

Many schools suffer from a shortage of qualified educational and administrative personnel, which negatively affects the quality of education and School management in general. This shortage leads to increased burdens on current staff in the school, affecting their performance and productivity.

2. Weak infrastructure

Many schools lack proper infrastructure such as equipped classrooms, laboratories, and sports facilities. This deficiency affects the school's ability to provide quality and advanced education.

3. Not using modern technology

Despite tremendous technological advances, many schools still rely on traditional teaching and management methods, making them unable to meet the demands of the digital age.

4. Lack of financial resources

Many schools suffer from a lack of financial resources, which limits their ability to provide the necessary equipment and activities to develop the educational process.

5. Poor communication between the school and parents

Good communication between the school and parents is necessary to ensure continuous monitoring of students’ performance and to solve problems they may encounter. However, poor communication leads to the exacerbation of educational and behavioral problems.


Modern methods for treating school Management problems

1. Strengthening educational and administrative personnel

Schools need to attract and train qualified personnel through specialized training programs and partnerships with universities and educational institutions. This will help improve overall educational and administrative performance.

2. Infrastructure development

Concerned authorities must allocate sufficient budgets to develop school infrastructure. This can be achieved through partnerships with the private sector and the local community to raise the necessary donations and resources.

3. Use of technology in education and administration

Modern technology can be used to improve the educational and administrative process. Electronic school management systems, distance learning applications, smart boards, and interactive educational tools can be used.

One of the most important electronic programs used in school management and recommended by school principals is the Pioneers E-School system because it contains many integrated tools that help the School management advance the school’s administrative and educational process.


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4. Increase funding and financial support

It is necessary to provide additional funding sources for schools through governments, non-governmental organizations, and private companies. This will help improve infrastructure and provide the necessary educational resources.

5. Enhancing communication with parents

Communication between school and parents can be improved through the use of technology, such as smartphone applications, text messaging, and email. This will help monitor students' performance and provide them with the necessary support.



Important Recommendations for Successful School Management


1. School principals should be assisted with sufficient budgets to allow them to carry out all educational activities in their schools

School principals need sufficient budgets to fund various educational activities and improve the learning environment. Adequate budgets allow principals to:


2. Organizing seminars that bring together mentors and supervisors with school principals for fruitful cooperation regarding teacher evaluation and localization

Organizing seminars that bring together mentors, supervisors, and school principals contributes to enhancing cooperation and understanding between them. This cooperation can help in:


3. The need to combat the phenomenon of student cheating by developing evaluation methods to check thinking and not memorization of the study material

The phenomenon of student cheating is a major challenge that negatively affects the educational process. To combat this phenomenon, assessment methods should be developed to:


4. The need to give teachers their moral and material rights

Teachers are the cornerstone of the educational process, so it is necessary to provide their moral and material rights to ensure high-quality performance. This includes:


Effective school management is considered the basis for achieving high-quality education. By identifying the problems facing School management and applying modern solutions, we can improve the quality of education and develop an ideal school environment that contributes to raising a generation capable of facing the challenges of the future.


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